Lose Yourself II

Ok Readers. For no one other than you, and, of course our favorite Foodie, would I ever, and I do mean ever, sacrifice my vanity in this sort of way… See, about seven months have passed since I directed, modeled and starred in “Lose Yourself,” and those size four short-shorts and black unitard just don’t fit the same as they used too. Don’t know if I can even squeeze my thigh into the pant leg… Don’t want to know… Not even going to try…
However, back in February when Foodie announced that he was going to retake the LSAT, I made a promise to him. I can hear myself saying, as clearly as if it were yesterday, “Look Mister… You take this test over in June, and I will make you Lose Yourself II.” Yup, those were my words, and I am going to keep them. Nothing can stop me. Not twenty plus extra pounds, nausea, tiredness, etc, etc.

First off though. Why take the test again? He got in… right? Right. Well, in true “Lose Yourself” fashion, you don’t just take a test once, brush your hands off, straighten your collar, and call it a day. You take it one, two, 3, 4, 5 times. You take it until your fingers bleed, and there is no lead left in your pencils. Wait a second… Stop. I was being over-dramatic. Seriously, Foodie, I am glad you got in, and admire your tenacity in taking the test twice. However, two times is plenty. Let’s stop at that. You have already deemed yourself worthy of Lose Yourself II. Anyway, I am sure you will have plenty of opportunities during your next three years in law school to continue to do so…

However, truth be told, I was not in the mood to do a photo shoot. None of my clothes fit, my energy level is low, and this morning I woke up with two new pimples on my chin. There were plenty of other ways I could have spent this Sunday afternoon, such as lying in bed, watching a Lifetime movie, and eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. I toyed with the idea of skipping it, with the excuse that Lose Yourself “1” was enough.

But, it wasn’t. The message of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” is too important. “Lose Yourself” encourages us to question how we can seize an opportunity in a way that exceeds both the boundaries we have created for ourselves, and the boundaries we believe society has created for us.

Yes, I saw the heart of this concept reflected in Joe’s current endeavor… and that inspired me. I invite you to peel back the layers of curse words and crudeness, the silliness of a spandex-clad, eight-month pregnant woman, and connect to the significance of theme.

I know I do. That is why I wanted to tell the story twice.

Savor on,


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