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Turkey Meatloaf

The other day while flipping through channels, I stumbled upon The Food Network’s Ina Garten preparing Turkey Meatloaf. Well, let me start off by saying, “Wow!… Everything this woman cooks looks so darn tasty! You know you can’t go wrong.” It had been a little while since Joe and I had eaten a meaty/comfort food dish, so one minute into the show I was hooked, and after three, reeled in…

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Hmm… Hummus

Yup, hummus is another one of my faves. It’s always the right option at the local Middle Eastern restaurant, and still tasty at the American/ hodgepodge/fusion restaurant. However, for you calorie conscious folks, it may not be your best choice due to the way it is often prepared, i.e., amount of oil. Well, not to brag… but… as usual, I’ve got a recipe which is wholesome, high in flavor and low in excess calories and fat. And, of course it’s easy, easy, easy…
Today for lunch I made “his” and “hers’” hummus sandwiches. Both on wholegrain bread compliments of 9th St. Bakery. Mine was a natural, fresh combo of hummus, tomato, red pepper, avocado, and lettuce.

For “his,” of course it was a bit more dank. Think sneaking spinach into your child’s spaghetti… I melted Swiss cheese on both sides of bread, topped with a guacamole spread Joe prepared the other night, and added my healthy hummus and sliced red pepper. [ Read the full article ] »

My Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad has always been one of my favorite treats! I’ll take it any way, any day… by itself as my entrée, as a side with a slice of pizza, or in combination with a protein such as chicken or fish.

However, sometimes this classic gets a bad rap, due to the high calorie content of the dressing. I remember being out to dinner in NYC years ago. The group was myself, a Ukrainian dance teacher, and two of our male students. When ordering, I distinctly recall the dance teacher saying, “I am trying to lose weight so I’ll just have the Caesar Salad.” Randy, (one of the students) replied, “I’m telling you… you’d be just as well off ordering the cheeseburger.” I thought to myself, “Yeah, he’s probably right…”

That is why I am happy to share with you my Caesar Salad recipe which is not high in calories, but high in taste. I actually prefer this recipe to any version I have tried at restaurants. Last night for dinner, I served Foodie his salad with chicken and mine with shrimp. It was delicious! [ Read the full article ] »

Brownie’s My Way

Mmm… brownies! But, don’t worry readers. With Foodies new health kick these are definitely not for him. They’re for me! But health kick or not, they are too good to resist!

This brownie recipe is everything you want brownies to be… chocolaty, moist, chewy, a taste of heaven in every bite! A secret to brownie success is to do everything by hand; no electric mixer. Enjoy!

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Chicken, Green Bean, Corn and Farro Salad with Goat Cheese

Chicken, Green Bean, Corn and Farro Salad with Goat Cheese is a lovely spring is in the air type of dish, perfect for a healthy meal or entertaining. I particularly enjoyed the crunchy combination of the farro, corn and green beans.
Although I am sharing the recipe found on, feel free to alter in any way. For example farro could be substituted by any grain such as couscous or spelt berries. Also, we omitted the cheese and marjoram from our dish.
But, if you can get your hands on farro, I strongly recommend it. I was amazed by the nutritional content of this grain, popular in European countries. FYI, farro is a whole grain with twice the fiber and protein than wheat. In addition to minerals and vitamins, farro is high in antioxidants, phytonutrients and betaine. [ Read the full article ] »

Chocolate Cake

Here is the recipe for “Chocolate Cake” straight from Foodie’s recipe box on In case I didn’t make it clear earlier, Joe could not stop ranting and raving about how fabulous this cake is. Curse words kept streaming from his mouth… and the boy’s mouth is as clean as a bucket of soapy water, if that tells you anything.

As for me, I thought it was good with a capitol “G.” I give it an A for being easy… you know that’s important to me. I liked how the cake’s texture was lite and airy, and feel that it would serve as a great base for a variety of icings or fillings. [ Read the full article ] »

African Peanut Soup

Here’s another gem that I would like to share with you, my recipe for African Peanut Soup. While living in NYC, a healthy café I frequented served this hearty, zesty soup, and I became hooked. Since then, I have not seen it on the menu at any other restaurants I have visited. So, I decided to create my own version.

African Peanut Soup is delicious, nutritious, and has the perfect balance of sweet and savory. I love this soup because it is very flavorful and satisfying, and the only ingredients are veggies, aside from peanuts. This soup makes for a delicious lunch that you will enjoy while also getting a healthy serving of vegetables.

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Everyday Chocolate Cake

I recently discovered a recipe for “Everyday Chocolate Cake,” compliments of Kelly Keough, host of The Sweet Truth on Veria TV. This recipe is a true gem. Yup, it’s gluten-free, and composed of wholesome ingredients such as brown rice flour and sweet potato. But the reason I am so excited about this cake is because of it’s superstar ingredient, buckwheat groats.

People such as myself, who eat healthy, but don’t follow restricted diets such as ‘raw food,’ are probably not consuming much buckwheat. Buckwheat groats can comfortably be called a power food, as they are a good source of manganese, magnesium and fiber, have high quality protein, containing all eight essential amino acids, and rutin, a powerful antioxidant. [ Read the full article ] »

Chocolate Tofu Cake

I am one of those people who really enjoys “window shopping” at The Cheesecake Factory’s decadent cheesecake display. I fantasize between ordering the Godiva Chocolate Brownie Sundae Cheesecake, the White Chocolate Carmel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake, or the Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake. However, right when I am about to make the purchase, I am always stopped by the thought, “Seven bucks and 900 calories. Hmm… Do I really need this?” And I refrain. Clearly, if Foodie were in the picture it would be a different story…

Cranberry and Apple Cake- better than a bakery!

I came across this recipe, “Easy Cranberry & Apple Cake,” compliments of Ina Garten in a magazine. I tried it, and I’ve got to say, “Wow! This is better than a bakery!” As you know, I am not typically a dessert person, but found myself savoring each bite, as well as going back for seconds. Why so good? The cake was perfectly moist, and the sweet apples and tart cranberries proved to be a heavenly combination. This cake was perfectly satisfying, delicately moist, and packed with antioxidant/ fiber-full berries. I’ve got to admit it. Foodie will not be eating this desert all by himself. However, I actually might….
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