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4:45 pm. Foodie needed to mail a package. On autopilot we rushed over to the post office on Shannon Rd. It was focus, hustle, move time, not time to notice the scenery. However, something happened that stopped us cold in our tracks…
4:50 pm. Parked the car, slammed the door, and briskly headed towards the… What? Wait. Stop! Who cares about the post office? There is an OnlyBurger here!

Ok, so, it’s only five minutes away, but I typically frequent the other post office, and rarely drive up this side of the street. But, let me just say “Wow! Hope Valley Square has been renovated and is now a goldmine of Durham foodie dream options- Rick’s Diner, Bull Street Gourmet, Pop’s Pizza, Tutti Frutti Yogurt, and, of course, one of our faves, as well as so many other Durhamites, OnlyBurger. I think I will be visiting this post office more often… [ Read the full article ] »

Mami Nora’s

Pulling up to Mami Nora’s on Davidson Ave, I was getting a good feeling already… “This is it! My fave, ‘hole in the wall’, diamond in the rough!” I exclaimed to Foodie. However, Joe was well beyond chit-chat and conversation, bee-lining straight for the door. Once inside, even I became transfixed by the amazing rotisserie smell permeating the air, and was eager to get down to business.
Standing at the counter, reading the menu items on the overhead board, I thoroughly enjoyed soaking in the warm, bright, homey atmosphere. I think I was even tapping my toes. Rotisserie is sold ¼ White/Dark, $4.99, ½ Chicken, $6.99, or Whole Chicken $11.99. All meals come with two sides which include rice, black beans, French fries, chicken soup, yucca fries, sweet plantains, house salad and coleslaw. Sides can be purchased individually, REG $1.99, LRG $3.50. [ Read the full article ] »

Pomegranate Kitchen

I recently got a craving for the kind of food I enjoyed at my favorite “hole in the wall” healthy food café in Manhattan. It was inexpensive, nourishing, wholesome food with that tasty, indescribable oomph. I brainstormed where I could possibly find that magic combo here in Durham. However, with all the foodie dream options in town, I was still drawing a blank for the specific style and nutritional value I was seeking. Then it hit me! Remember the “Dame’s Chicken and Waffles” review? I had given Foodie the option of the decadent, dank Dame’s, or Pomegranate Kitchen a new, organic take-out café. You know which one he picked. Anyway, Pomegranate Kitchen was my choice. I got a feeling that it might be just the thing I was in the mood for…

Dame’s Chicken and Waffles


Last week while flipping through the Indy’s “A Roundup of New and Renewed Restaurants,” I made the mistake of asking Joe, “Where would you rather eat, at “Pomegranate Kitchen,” the new health food restaurant, or “Dame’s Chicken and Waffles?” Need I say which one he picked…
Yup, Joe and I are still recuperating from the restaurant roller coaster in which “people who work at restaurants typically don’t eat at them.” Needless to say, we hadn’t been out to eat for a while. However, for the past two weeks Foodie has been studying up a storm. So, I wanted our Friday night dinner date to be his pick. [ Read the full article ] »

Why Dain’s Place is So Cool

During my career of “the pursuit of restaurant jobs” Dain’s Place on 9th St. in Durham was one of the places I applied. Why? Because Dain’s Place is so cool.
Ok, so a job never panned out for me at Dain’s, but Readers, please do not feel sorry for me. As many of you know from “Another End of the Food Chain” (if you don’t know, read it!) I am completely content and very comfy, on my cushy chair describing Dain’s Place to you from here! [ Read the full article ] »

Indian Reprise, Foodie Style- at Sitar Indian Cuisine

As many of you know, Joe and I are big fans of Indian food. I’ve got a little history with it – worked at an Indian Restaurant, got my friends and family hooked, had my wedding rehearsal dinner at Himalayan Exotic Indian Cuisine, and am always eager to eat Indian with King Foodie.

Sitar India Palace in Durham is our go-to spot for Indian food. The quality of the food is excellent – both authentic and flavorful with a buffet you can‘t beat. The atmosphere is equally pleasing, with the homey comfort of a family owned business combined with class and cheerful style.

To no one‘s surprise, it was Joe who first introduced me to Sitar back when we were first dating. I remember being impressed, both by the mouth-watering buffet, as well as the amount of food King Foodie could consume. I also recall Joe’s parents making the 12 hour drive from upstate New York to Durham, and Senior Foodie, Dr. Dan specifically requesting Sitar India Palace for his first meal.

Meal time- picture this…Senior and Junior Foodie gorging themselves until blue in the face, while the wives, the epitome of grace and style, sit with elegant ease and make charming conversation. If Senior Foodie and his disciple, Chef Joe, feel this strongly about these samosas, this is some serious stuff. [ Read the full article ] »

International Delights- The Best Chicken Hoagie

When Joe and I were struggling up the Gros Piton in St. Lucia during a torrential downpour, trying to suck every single ounce of juice off of our two small mangoes, I remember King Foodie saying, “You know what I would give right now for a Chicken Hoagie from International Delights…” We took a deep breath, visualized the sandwich as a source of strength/inspiration, and solemnly swore that a Chicken Hoagie from ID (as myself and the locals call it) on 9th St. in Durham would be our first meal when we got back in NC.

Joe’s “Big Bite”

FYI, Joe kept Kosher for twelve years. Summed up, he basically just followed a vegetarian diet (ate fish, no shellfish). But don’t worry readers, he never went without. At barbeques and picnics Joe would diligently bypass hotdogs and hamburgers, and just eat the sides. However, instead of taking a side of coleslaw, he would just eat the whole bowl….

The second Joe found out he was hired as a cook, Joe decided to break that diet with a bang. He immediately went to the best steak house in town, The Angus Barn, and ordered their specialty, the 14 oz. Chateaubriand. The following day, he went to the best pizza place in town and ordered two slices of double pepperoni. I think it was a cheese burger attack on day three…

Perhaps twelve years in the “monastery” explains Joe’s enthusiasm and insatiable appetite for meat, meat, meat. The other day, Joe and I decided to get our burger fix from Dain’s Place in Durham (what we believe to have the best burgers in town). Joe decided to indulge, and ordered “The Defibralator – As seen on Man vs. Food!” ½ lb burger with bacon, sweet chili, cheddar, coleslaw and a hot dog. You can see why they call it The Defibralator! I asked Joe if he thought it was going to be too much food. Joe said, “No, it’s only ¾ lb of meat, I usually get a double burger which is 16 oz., so actually I am getting less.” WHAT? [ Read the full article ] »

Joe’s Birthday Dinner at Nana’s

Joe and I chose Nana’s Restaurant in Durham for his birthday dinner. Although many fine dining restaurants in the area are closed on Mondays, Nana’s is open, has an excellent reputation, and is practically around the corner. This seemed like the perfect choice and did not disappoint.
Enter Nana’s Restaurant and notice modern, upscale, casual décor. There is elegant attention to detail: wooden chairs with leather seat cushions, white table linens, light background jazz music and walls covered with pieces from two local artists. On this Monday evening, Nana’s appeared pleasantly full, with a casual, mature, sophisticated looking crowd. [ Read the full article ] »

Brunch at Piedmont Restaurant

Joe and I decided to try brunch at Piedmont Restaurant on Foster St. in downtown Durham. The menu has typical Durham foodie-style breakfasty options in the $8-9 price range with dishes that sound complex and savory with a modern, Italian flair. The sweet option includes a brioche French toast. There are also several savory options such as “Eggs Piedmont,” two poached eggs over grilled bread with crispy prosciutto, spinach & tomato hollandaise served with home fries or grits, a smoked salmon dish, a breakfast cheese plate and their “green salad” with fresh herbs, roasted shallot vinaigrette, house-smoked chicken, avocado & cheddar.
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