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4:45 pm. Foodie needed to mail a package. On autopilot we rushed over to the post office on Shannon Rd. It was focus, hustle, move time, not time to notice the scenery. However, something happened that stopped us cold in our tracks…
4:50 pm. Parked the car, slammed the door, and briskly headed towards the… What? Wait. Stop! Who cares about the post office? There is an OnlyBurger here!

Ok, so, it’s only five minutes away, but I typically frequent the other post office, and rarely drive up this side of the street. But, let me just say “Wow! Hope Valley Square has been renovated and is now a goldmine of Durham foodie dream options- Rick’s Diner, Bull Street Gourmet, Pop’s Pizza, Tutti Frutti Yogurt, and, of course, one of our faves, as well as so many other Durhamites, OnlyBurger. I think I will be visiting this post office more often… [ Read the full article ] »

Why Dain’s Place is So Cool

During my career of “the pursuit of restaurant jobs” Dain’s Place on 9th St. in Durham was one of the places I applied. Why? Because Dain’s Place is so cool.
Ok, so a job never panned out for me at Dain’s, but Readers, please do not feel sorry for me. As many of you know from “Another End of the Food Chain” (if you don’t know, read it!) I am completely content and very comfy, on my cushy chair describing Dain’s Place to you from here! [ Read the full article ] »

Joe’s “Big Bite”

FYI, Joe kept Kosher for twelve years. Summed up, he basically just followed a vegetarian diet (ate fish, no shellfish). But don’t worry readers, he never went without. At barbeques and picnics Joe would diligently bypass hotdogs and hamburgers, and just eat the sides. However, instead of taking a side of coleslaw, he would just eat the whole bowl….

The second Joe found out he was hired as a cook, Joe decided to break that diet with a bang. He immediately went to the best steak house in town, The Angus Barn, and ordered their specialty, the 14 oz. Chateaubriand. The following day, he went to the best pizza place in town and ordered two slices of double pepperoni. I think it was a cheese burger attack on day three…

Perhaps twelve years in the “monastery” explains Joe’s enthusiasm and insatiable appetite for meat, meat, meat. The other day, Joe and I decided to get our burger fix from Dain’s Place in Durham (what we believe to have the best burgers in town). Joe decided to indulge, and ordered “The Defibralator – As seen on Man vs. Food!” ½ lb burger with bacon, sweet chili, cheddar, coleslaw and a hot dog. You can see why they call it The Defibralator! I asked Joe if he thought it was going to be too much food. Joe said, “No, it’s only ¾ lb of meat, I usually get a double burger which is 16 oz., so actually I am getting less.” WHAT? [ Read the full article ] »

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